Icarus Himself :: "On Your Side"

A sea sick swirl of loops and buzzing sonics paces around the front of Icarus Himself's latest single, "On Your Side". It is fully more than a minute before Nick Whetro's vocals creep into the mix, a languid, shabbier version of Pete Yorn's desire to express the same sentiment 10 years ago. But this artful fog clears in the form of a crystalline acoustic guitar, a bit of clarity before the drums hit, digging the whole arrangement back down into a pretty, cacophonous muck. Whetro continues to insist he's, "on your side", but it doesn't sound like being there is a whole lot of fun. This is a kind of entrenched support, a promise built on another form of fatalism. Essentially, to be in the camp of another, knowing full well it might be the worst idea possible.

Icarus Himself - On Your Side by PlanetaryOnlinePR

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