Awesome New Republic :: "New Armor"

Protection could easily be one of our next impulses, nationally, personally, something. Awesome New Republic, a Miami band that recently gained a ton of good press, have a single in exactly this vein, "New Armor". One of those slow speed jams that initially feels like it was a sent a text to meet at the corner of an updated George Harrison and pharmaceuticals, it evolves into a more direct iteration. The final edict, amidst an enormous explosion of sound, is, "you've got to find yourself so move on". The arrangement only gets bigger from there, spinning off in directions that will make you nod your head and will pour someones anti-anxiety drugs in the collective punch bowl. One part recommendations, one part recognition, "New Armor" seeks that moment where, after moving on, the antagonist will feel fine. And this is the trick; they won't, this antagonist. In all probability, they are hosed. But, this is and isn't your problem. Sometimes you suggest and then pull back behind your moat. The rest is outside.

Listen :: Awesome New Republic - "New Armor"

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