Various Cruelties :: "Chemicals"

It's weird, right, you're thinking Kings Of Leon of 2010 went back and wrote material for themselves in 2005? Newest Various Cruelties single, "Chemicals" spins a type of throwback rock that also seems to dance right to the edge of being too poppy (a tension preserved by the above mentioned KOL previous to these events) before running head-long back into the mother's skirt of credibility. Ostensibly, this a song about doing drugs, or believing in the natural fated chemistry of the universe - and here, refer to the above sentence to reason out any potential ambiguities; it could be both. "Chemicals" also traffics in those nearly cliched moments, "If it's meant to be/the universe is gonna throw it back to me", before resolving chords with satisfying flourish, even if the lyrics are the inconclusive, "that's just how I feel." Due out October 3rd, you can hear it first below, only reaffirming that Various Cruelties are one of the most promising acts on the horizon, you know, that line between being authentically huge and hugely authentic.


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