Friska Viljor :: "Passionseeker"

Friska Viljor, the Swedes by way of Berlin, have frequently channeled something that sounds like a brass band exploding in a telephone booth. This is a compliment, not musical terrorism. On "Passionseeker" the seventh track off their latest release, the band sounds far more like countrymen the Shout Out Louds, although a version that embraces the highest of highs instead of pluming the depths. The fidelity is nearly sickly sweet, like the morning cereal that used to hurt teeth and turn milk a color not found in nature. But the baroque pre-chorus, with its pumping strings and its simple insistence, "I like other things too", provides a sad statement about the limits of a relationship's capacity for fulfillment, a lyrical counterpoint to the saccharine falsetto and hook-filled refrain. The final rhetorical question: "Could we discover time is gonna bring us down, girl?" is the steamroller, offering a different inevitability running in the opposite direction of everlasting love.

Listen :: Friska Viljor - "Passionseeker"

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