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32 Feet is posting from the West Coast for the next week or so. We'll be catching some shows, posting wildly, and drowning in rain. Posts will be shorter, barely topical, and across three time-zones. Stick with us. Pioneers have been trying to live out here for 200 years - we're just the next wave.

Pomegranates are traditionally a lot of work. The pay-off usually doesn't come until the end. Investors and soft-drink makers tried to distill the fruit down to its juice and were rewarded with something that is as healthy and high in antioxidants, as it is bad-tasting and bitter. You can't just strain out the bad parts and keep the good. You have to be thorough, by hand, and do the work.

That being said, we don't know anything about Pomegranates work habits or ethic. It seems like they're meticulous but we've been mislead before. They play a brand of post-shoe-gaze, or put another way, something that is both atmospheric and focused. Something that has moved beyond space-age guitar pedals and loops. Something that is headed somewhere. But the destination, and the effort to get there, is considerable.

From the first measure of "Corriander" they introduce a cascading guitar that seems like it should be the backbone of the whole track. But you can't press out the juice and expect it to taste sweet. You have to do the work, and in this case the work is to wait. And in the last ten measures, we're rewarded for our patience. The riff comes back and is finally the central focus. It's crystalline. It is a wave of sound. It's worth not squeezing.

Listen :: Pomegranates - "Corriander"

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deadbands said...

These guys killed it at the Bell House a few weeks back with French Kicks. I can finally have some Nati pride. Who dey?!