32ft Left :: Honey Claws :: "Pemporer"

32 Feet is posting from the West Coast for the next week or so. We'll be catching some shows, posting wildly and drowning in rain. Posts will be shorter, barely topical and across three time-zones. Stick with us. The pioneers have been trying to survive out here for 200 years - we're just the next wave.

If my life was a movie, I'd want Honey Claws' "Pemporer" on the soundtrack. It thumps like a slo-mo 1990s club cut and the backdrop is equal parts spatial and ambient. Except for this little post-colonial-tropic keyboard that sings out and makes you feel like calypso is alive and well. Altogether it feels like the middle of the afternoon and you're walking somewhere important.

Everything is pretty and it's all about you. The Lower East. East LA. Even in rainy San Francisco, you touch down and start to move. Objects fall into rhythm and the world is your music video. People are your extras. The universe revolves around your field of vision. It's like your heartbeat is the only thing powering all the machinery in front of you. All these people are depending on your continued existence for their continued existence. This is the feeling of responsibility for everyone and this is the taste of fear. This is proof that the most self-interested among us should be the most terrified. When the world revolves around you, everything is your fault. Which is why we're shutting down production and making everything about someone else.

Listen :: Honey Claws :: "Pemporer"

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