Delphic :: "Counterpoint"

An excerpt from an email I sent to a friend in February:

"ok, so this is maybe the worst song from this band delphic. the word on them is so quiet it's almost scary. i mean, they're opening for bloc party in europe right now and there is only ONE mp3 available? in addition, there's only been ONE blog post written about them? that is a crime."

It wasn't entirely accurate and I was talking about "Doubt" and not first single, "Counterpoint" but the message shouldn't missed: it is an outrage if you're not listening to this band. I will use all caps if I have to: IT IS AN OUTRAGE.

If we're being entirely honest: Delphic hasn't really snuck up on anyone. Out of the ashes of Lisa Brown and Snow Fight In The City Center, Delphic formed like the knife of its namesake - to be a sacrifice with something for everyone. A few parts shimmering LCD Soundsystem, portions of the dynamics from the last Bloc Party record, a splash of Cut Copy (as much I hate to say it) and a share of radio-ready melody should make Delphic one of big bands of 2009. So maybe email some friends. Feel free to use caps lock. It's complicated but it works.

Listen :: Delphic - "Counterpoint"

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