The Wooden Birds :: "Sugar"

Andrew Kenny used to front American Analog Set, and wrote the song, "Punk As Fuck;" a hanging metaphor. Kenny is equal parts sarcastic and serious. American Analog Set didn't sound like any punk you've ever heard before. But then again, what really defined punk anyways? It was anti-commercial, anti-establishment, and anti-aesthetic. Or it was supposed to be. And couldn't an artist accomplish all of the above with lo-fi, hushed, folk music? At the very least, Andrew Kenny was going to challenge our perceptions in 2001.

It's eight years later and crying out against "the man" still doesn't have to be loud. The revolution will not be turned up above -40 on your home stereo receiver. The throwing-out of the old order will be done quietly. In fact, it will probably be managed by a PR firm and micro-managed by an event planner. The new boss is definitely the same as the old boss. I suspect, this makes Andrew Kenny sick.

So, he started a new band. With a new song. The Wooden Birds. "Sugar." Everything is still hushed. It actually sounds like an old Neil Young melody that's been stuffed under a bed and isn't trying very hard to get out. It's just kind of hiding there. Waiting. But it's meant to be there. The secrets are the revolution. It's certainly going to be hushed. Quiet is the new loud, punks.

Listen :: The Wooden Birds - "Sugar"

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