On The List :: Travis @ Webster Hall [4.25.09]

This review runs in full on the Bowery Presents Blog, The House List. It's a pretty interesting project and it's good to be a part of it.

"Webster Hall might as well have been a time machine Saturday night. Early in the set, 'Writing to Reach You' sailed out over a sold-out crowd and it felt just like 1999. In less than four minutes, 10 years melted like a Prospect Park ice cream cone on the first hot day of spring. It felt real. It felt like the last of the Clinton years. But things have changed. The economy sucks, Travis never became as big as Coldplay and 2009 can have a sobering character."

Some other notes: Travis was the picture of being almost famous. 1,400 people who know the words, are fired up and act like the last ten years haven't happened. The weird thing is: if you close your eyes, it's almost Coldplay. If Travis had written "Yellow" or "Clocks," it would have been a wildly different pop music landscape. Never under-estimate the power of less than seven minutes of pop music to entirely change a career. It cost Travis literally millions of dollars. Never under-estimate the fine line between being a "Chris Martin" and ... not.

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