Emanuel And The Fear :: "The Rain Becomes The Clouds"

An Essay In Seven Parts:

1. This band isn't intentionally uplifting in the way that Natalie Portman isn't intentionally attractive. It just sneaks up on you.

2. "I don't watch tv/because it makes me feel ugly." While this is not remotely true, it is certainly delivered as a brilliant turn of phrase in this songs' final movement.

3. Let Rufus Wainwright loose on a Sufjan Stevens record, give it some urgency - real urgency, run from the cops urgency - and you've got Emanuel and the Fear. Orchestral, forward-thinking, and the definition of rich.

4. There is a certain ... connectedness here. Even the spare documentation of the water cycle seems to take the role of pertinent metaphor. Sure, the rain becomes the clouds and sure the clouds become the sky. But if it feels so simple, why is it elevating?

5. A close friend mentioned that things had gotten awfully morose around here. I balked. Then I considered. It's more true than I realized. I guess I forgot that everything is going to be fine. Truly, everything is going be fine. I can't say this enough.

6. This arrangement was meant to tumble out of control. Bear that in mind.

7. Whether you view it as a cycle or as a natural adjustment or a statistical anomaly: everything is going to be fine. However things are right now, they won't be forever. The rain becomes the clouds. The clouds become the sky. Bring the people outside. I can't say this enough.

Listen :: Emanuel and the Fear - "The Rain Becomes The Clouds"

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