Updates and mixtapes

Is it my fault those two words rhyme?

We have a twitter. I honestly can't quite wrap my mind around what that means but we do have one. It'll be what we're doing/listening to/getting our heads around. Technology is officially freaking us out: http://www.Twitter.com/32feet. Best of all, for the next few Fridays we're posting mixtapes in segments on the twitter. (Is it called "the twitter?") New songs, every hour or so on Fridays. Keep up or follow the thing once it's over. It's a live twitter/blog/interface. The world is over.

If you're more comfortable following the blog through other means, you can become a follower (again) on our sidebar. We also have an RSS-feed. It's hard to be sure what all this stuff means, but it seems like some people use it. And if we're going to throw our emotional energy behind something, we might as well let you press three buttons to keep a close eye on us. It's the least we can do.

We'll be blogging over at The House List sometimes. It's the Bowery Presents Blog. If you live in New York, it will mean something to you.

As always, you can reach us at 32feet(at)gmail.com. We respond to most things we get that aren't crap music from crap bands.

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