Ryan Adams :: "Magick"

Things that are good analogies for relationships: balloon rides, animal attacks, natural disasters, road trips ... oh, and nuclear apocalypse. Ryan Adams, who once wrote the song "Nuclear" on the 2002 record Demolition, is back for more fission imagery with 2008 release, and current radio single, "Magick." I won't summarize. Here's the first verse:

"You're like a rain cloud
If it rained mushroom clouds
Everybody hits the ground
Arms folded, head down

You're like a missile strike
Government goes underground
Warhead on legs
What goes around comes around"

It's 2:17 of pure rock and roll emotion. He hates this woman. He loves this woman. She is a nuclear weapon. She is an unnatural disaster. Adams does seem to imply that this disaster will come at a karmic cost. What goes around comes around. She'll pay for this. But, it's hard to believe he believes that. She can harness the power of the atom. Frankly, no one ever had a chance.

Listen :: Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - "Magick"
Bonus :: Ryan Adams - "Nuclear"

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