Action Painters :: "456"

Listen up. I'm only going to say this once: Action Painters are the best band in New York. Now, what can you gather from that statement, once you penetrate its overstatement and intentionally incendiary rhetoric? Not much? Well, listen closer.

Latest single release "456" comes with an EP Lay That Cable and a spring tour. I shouldn't need to encourage you to see this band. But I will anyways: go see this band. They are probably in your town.

As for "456," it is the band's biggest work to date. The scope is utterly enormous. The guitars are spaced-out but the rhythm is unmistakable and driving. The down-stroke guitars swing us into gear and by the time the drums kick, this song is moving at 90 miles-per-hour hovering in the left-hand lane. Just try to keep up as lead singer Tom Haslow makes an explanation for rock's copycat life-style: "It's all been done/I do believe/There's nothing more inside of me." But wait, as the chorus punches, Haslow is back with: "But I do not need anyone/to tell me what to do." It's anxious and anti-authoritarian. We'll avoid the other rhetorical questions of the chorus ("How do you start up again/when everything is gone?") because we don't have the answers either. But as "456" crashes to conclusion we find some solace in the interrogative. At least they asked the question.

Listen :: Action Painters - "456"


Anonymous said...

these guys are sick, i just caught them in philly, i concurrr!

Anonymous said...

theyr so sick live!

Anonymous said...

wow this is a good song.

Doug said...