The Rural Alberta Advantage :: "Frank, AB" and "Don't Haunt This Place"

I was supposed to catch the sublimely-titled Rural Alberta Advantage two Sundays ago. It was actually supposed to be a date. Various things got in the way and, I suspect, I will come to regret it. Not in the way you regret missing something critical or developmental like learning to read. This is a "missing" that you can explain less and speculate about more. After all, you weren't there. You can't possibly know if it was good or bad. So whatever happened at the Bell House eight days ago, all we have is our imagination.

And like a bored only child, we're going to use our minds for fun. In my mind, The Rural Alberta Advantage sound, in person, exactly like they sound on recording: some parts Okkervil River, some parts early Bright Eyes, and some parts Tullycraft. Their music is small and taut and heartbreaking where seems reasonable. The sonic quality put into an amazon.com genre smoothie would be "acoustic," "alt-country," "boy-girl pop," and "Canada." But what does that mean? Absolutely nothing. The imagination looks for significance and fabric and, in this case, The Rural Alberta Advantage aren't in the market for metaphor. They play something that would be like an upbeat Jump, Little Children. How many references can we pack in here? Enough to get a mental picture. Because we sure as hell didn't see anything.

Listen :: The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Don't Haunt This Place"
Bonus :: The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Frank, AB"

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