Acid House Kings :: "Would You Say Stop?"

The Acid House Kings told us their forthcoming record, Music Sounds Better With You, is an attempt to define pop music. In this fashion, their fan-selected second single, "Would You Say Stop?", is a perfect slice of summer cheer for anyone who ever thought Belle and Sebastian weren't poppy enough. It features those plaintive, jangly guitars, pulsing strings, castanets and a swinging melody that wouldn't translate poorly to a being sung by an elementary school chorus. Of course, the band is always trafficking in perfect pop to sweeten the dark corners of their lyrics. Moments like, "if anyone ever breaks my heart, I still hope it is you", frame an ongoing struggle to maintain a relationship, one that despite the swelling strings is on the verge of collapse.

Listen :: Acid House Kings - "Would You Stay Stop?"
Listen :: Acid House Kings - "Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends?"

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