Acrylics :: "Sparrow Song" [Feat. Caroline Polachek]

Brooklyn-based Acrylics' latest mp3 release, "Sparrow Song" only intensifies the anticipation for debut record, Lives and Treasure, due out on March 1st. Featuring Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, who is rapidly becoming the guest hitman to the indie community that Puff Daddy was to mainstream rap in the late 1990s, the song is a glittering slice of pop that promotes a state of perpetual wakening. As a former Girl Crisis collaborator with current Acrylics vocalist Molly Shea, Polachek does that thing she does so well, offering glossy, dream vocals as the icing on a tune that already feels like it is spinning in a zero-gravity architecture. This is an appropriate sound for a band less than two weeks away from officially lifting off.

Listen :: Acrylics - "Sparrow Song" [Feat. Caroline Polachek]
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