Friends :: "Friend Crush"

Samantha Urbani, singer and force behind Friends, wails, "I wanna ask your advice on the weekdays/I want to plan something nice for the weekend." She outlines the shape of one of those blighted friendship romances, so close to love and so painfully not. Worse, this is not love from afar, the kind of silent sit-behind-you-math class crush. This is close-up, see-you-all-the-time love, slow, obvious and static. Tape fuzz and a stomping snare provide the framework for a melody that would be at home on a Lykke Li record, a certain wistfullness contributing the sonics to this slow disaster. For Urbini, the voice behind this concoction, the "Friend Crush" is the best and worst kind. As for the band, new Lucky Number label-mates with Darwin Deez, they won't be unrequited for long, upgrading your like to outright love.

Listen :: Friends - "Friend Crush"

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BradIsMyHomeboy said...

with a hint of santogold?