Dry The River :: "New Ceremony"

With fragile vocals, broken in the same spirit of the epic folk of Mumford and Sons, the UK's Dry The River suppose to create a new orthodoxy built to pull up the cobblestones of the Old Order. Of course, this isn't achingly original and the footnotes are listed at the end of the chapter, but Dry The River may be the next big thing to come out of the UK folk revival. On "New Ceremony", pensive, pulsing melodies engage in a slow build for a 90 seconds before surging strings arise out of nowhere, the chorus becoming an exercise in Icarus as the vocals soar into those falsetto breaks that only Brandon Flowers really nails. Quite simply, if you aren't moved by this and insist on staying in its way, it will level you. So, we add our voice to the chorus, this is going to be very important.

Dry The River - New Ceremony by lucidonline

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