The Seedy Seeds :: "Verb Noun"

Suckering you in with flourishing strings and a lazy acoustic guitar progression, The Seedy Seeds end up somewhere more ambitious than their cheeky name and aesthetic belie. "Verb Noun" courts this clip-clop electronic beat which the band then lays under a beautiful cacophony of instrument and melody. Like a folk-inspired Moonbabies, the male and female vocals trade off halfway through when the arrangement seems to find a secondary momentum that the initial assessment never have hinted at. The chorus, a repeating and elevating lyric, "I don't want to do just anything," supports murderous lines like, "Is it any less than if I make it with force, than if I was forced to make it?" The hook stays in your head for days, "I don't want to do just anything," a call to higher purpose or greater results or both.  

Listen :: The Seedy Seeds - "Verb Noun"

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deadbands said...

These guys are from the Nati. I;ve known their drummer Brian for damn near 15 years.