Multiplicitious pop-smiths, First Rate People released latest single, "FRESH" to their twitter feed on Valentine's Day. Topping 60 degrees in New York City four days later feels like the perfect time to share such swirling, unapologetic pop music, the absolute birth of spring. Swelling strings hold the arrangment like lacing fingers, while nasally, hooky vocals unleash lyrics about love and rebirth, "singing a song/old paint is peeling/this is that fresh, fresh feeling", describing a pop ressurection in the season of human affection. Like the type of crushing, irrational love they describe, you don't have a world of choice here. You will listen to this on repeat partly because you feel strongly about it and partially because you absolutely have to. Love is a little bit of death. How could you ever be reborn if you never let yourself be killed?

Listen :: First Rate People - "FRESH"

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