Bird of Youth :: "Bombs Away, She Is Here To Stay"

Brooklyn's Bird of Youth build a structure of guitar-driven indie pop that recalls a well-produced early-career Rilo Kiley. Only on this version, Jenny Lewis' vocals are swapped for the candor and unimpressed timbre of Beth Wawerna, something that channels a more optimistic 1991 Liz Phair. Of course, all these comparisons, useful tracking devices they may be, do little to help frame the fun of the chorus where the snare drum steps forward and Wawerna finally lets herself go on the eponymous lyric. Sounding so firmly blase in the first third, she sets herself up as a sympathetic figure - or is it just earnest? - as the song swells around her, these confessions gaining strength with a hint of agony at the edges. Bird of Youth's debut record, Defender, is out May 24th and was produced by Will Sheff of Okkervil River, an influence you can hear if you listen real close and care about what Will Sheff's music sounds like.

Listen :: Bird of Youth - "Bombs Away, She Is Here To Stay"

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