Mansions :: "Blackest Sky"

Down-stroke guitars and power-pop influence drive Mansions' latest single, "Blackest Sky," a song about what we've lost. At its root it is an alternative rock song from the late 90s, updated with hints of more recent acts like The Thermals. Lyrically, independent rock frequently addresses themes of lost youth but perhaps never so directly. Front man, Chris Browder, howls in the chorus, "My youth was stolen from underneath my nose," while he traffics in self-conscious nostalgia with verses about friends, whiskey, lawn chairs and summers spent under the blackest sky. For most of the rock kids, their youth was something misplaced, lost like keys slipped in between the cushions of the metaphysical couch. For Browder, his youth was robbed, placed down for a minute and disappeared into the great indifference some insidious back pocket.

Listen :: Mansions - "Blackest Sky"

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