Dreamers of the Ghetto :: "Connection"

We won't offer a mid-apocalyptic eulogy for a rapidly ghettoized American experience. In fact, we assume Bloomington, Indiana's Dreamers of the Ghetto only invoke the term in the general specific, metaphorical, hope-in-the-unseen sort of way. These are small town kids with big dreams, or something similar, tapping the soul of our common experience, you know, back when things were good. On "Connection," yearning vocals search for pathos, a hint of a gravel at the edges, the narration of these post-industrial hymns for an age that maybe never existed and is certainly not coming again. The driving guitars push the edges of the arrangement's real estate while atmospheric synths mope like the search is in vain. Unrequited and lonesome, Dreamers of the Ghetto are coming this year, a vanishing point on the horizon, unreachable and intentionally so.

Connection by Dreamers of the Ghetto


Anonymous said...

Their functionong website is http://dreamersoftheghetto.tumblr.com You can find all there posts and links from their tumblr.

Anonymous said...

That's totally true. Their tumblr is their website.

Anonymous said...

This song is great! Love the vocals so much. Sounds new and old at the same time. Checking it out!!!!