Interview :: The Jezabels [11.6.10]

Sometimes when you see a band live, you just know they are the real deal. Seeing the Jezabels at Fat Baby during CMJ was exactly this moment. With three enormous EPs in the can, a full length on the way in 2011 and certain label interest, they are one of our break out acts of the next year. Last week we traded some emails about fear of cruise ships, shooting pool and what the hell is next, you know, other than being the biggest little band in the world.

32Feet: Top 5 Desert Island Records?

The Jezabels: 1. Bjork - Vespertine 2. Tori Amos - Under Pink 3. Some sort of audio book perhaps 4. Bach - The Art of Fuge 5. Beethoven Symphonies

We know you have three EPs now, are there plans for a full length LP?

We are actually planning to do a full length album around the middle of next year. we really liked the idea of doing 3 EPs to begin with and sort of grouping them together as a package. It was a good way for us to take our time developing our sound and song writing.

If the Jezabels were caught on a sinking cruise ship and there were only two life jackets left, who gets them and why?

Hmmmm... that's a pretty intense question. I don't really like the idea of going on a cruise ship so hopefully I wouldn't be there in the first place. so that leaves three people and two life jackets. I think that the two guys would get them and then they would be able to support Hayley between them and carry her and themselves to safety. That should work out just fine.

I said Kate Bush and other people say Pretenders, what are you major influences that people get and what are the ones they miss?
Queen, Abba, Bjork, The National, Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Arcade Fire, Kate Bush, anything grindcore, maps and atlases, Naxzul, life, people that we know, the highway because we spend so much time driving on it, just to name a few.

How soon will you be back in the States?

Hopefully we will be back in March!!

What is the one thing people don't know but should absolutely remember about your band?

We like to play pool before we perform - Nik and Heather vs Hayley and Sam. Just a little bit of healthy competitiveness gets us in the mood.

Listen :: The Jezabels - "Mace Spray"


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