Kyla La Grange :: "Vampire Smile"

If you don't have a certified crush on Kyla La Grange, you aren't looking hard enough. With a debut 2011 go-for-broke single, "Walk Through Walls," La Grange stunned us with a Kate Bush impression and a chorus designed to not care if it burns up on re-entry. On older, more plaintive "Vampire Smile," La Grange still has her trademark edge with lyrics like "I'm going to get so drunk on you and kill your friends" and the confessional "I want a scar that looks just like you." She is brittle and dangerous at once, building a sprawling middle section from the foundation of a tiny acoustic guitar progression. Though there are streaks of masochism here, assumed and metaphorical pain, La Grange isn't scaring anyone off. It's still her year.

Listen :: Kyla La Grange - "Vampire Smile"


Delores said...

lovely piece, lovely song

Anonymous said...

official video for this song is now on youtube and its a beauty