Bikini :: "Remember Being Young"

The most memorable band with "Bikini" in their name is the early-90s riotgrrl, punk band Bikini Kill. Of course, Kathleen Hannah was more interested in murdering the trappings of subservient feminine sexuality than embracing any aspect of it. You want us to wear bikinis? We'll kill you. By comparison, Montreal's Bikini court that delicate, playful innocence that Hannah abhorred. "Remember Being Young" is cute and adorable and young. It almost begs forgiveness.

Bikini play a brand of electro-pop that would remind you of a sedated iteration of Oppenheimer. In fact, the last time I listened to something this sweet, it was 2005 and Oppenhiemer's demo for "Breakfast in NYC" was sticking to the roof of my mouth. Not coincidentally both songs are nostalgic as hell. As keyboards chime back-and-forth, singers Aaron Aujla and Johnny Penn reflect about remembering everything and how nice it was when "everyone could sing." He really means, "the time before sarcasm and judgement and irony." Before blogs wrote mean things about people they didn't know. You were five and you were included. "I Remember Being Young" will stick in your ears and demand to be played three-times in a row. No promises after that.

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