Happy Bullets :: "The Vice and Virtue Ministry"

From Monday to Friday we do one thing. We are all, largely, responsible. We don't drink on the job. We manage our bad habits with stunning success. This is not Half-Nelson. We are not American Pyschos.

The Royal We is non-specific and not useful. And Happy Bullets are ready to take it on. Somewhere on our way to the aristocracy, we decided to lose our fucking minds. We have manners but largely ignore them. We do unto others as we would never ever do to ourselves. If we don't have anything nice to say, we start a blog. We are a troubling combination of impulse and control. We are trained and bred and chosen. We couldn't give a shit. We are not polite.

Happy Bullets are a band out of Texas with a name about celebratory gunfire. They played last night at Union Hall and we missed it. And when we're sailing into the chorus and the singer is saying "articles from Tennyson and Keats" we can think about taking off.

Listen :: Happy Bullets - "Vice and Virtue Ministry"
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