The Uglysuit :: "Chicago"

With a name that sounds more than a little emo and a title that evokes the Midwest, modernist architecture and Sufjan Stevens, The Uglysuit have found something entirely different in their first single, "Chicago." The lyrics are delivered with slurred-specificity and the piano and crystalline guitar would seem more comfortable on a b-side by The Fray. The easiest comparison is Semisonic but in their young years when Dan Wilson was a pop genius and "Closing Time" hadn't driven everyone completely crazy.

The Uglysuit will be on tour with Iron and Wine this summer and will then head back to Oklahoma City to plan their next move. And by "plan their next move" I really mean, "wait for the licensing money to roll in." You can't help but find a cinematic quality in "Chicago" that begs for a call from Zach Braff, Grey's Anatomy, or whatever becomes the new OC after Gossip Girl burns itself up like a book of gasoline-soaked matches. Your episode is ending and everyone is looking super-pensive and, frankly, some pretty intense shit has gone down. What else do you want to soundtrack the next 15-seconds of your life? The Uglysuit will take you to "Chicago," the closing credits and stay tuned for previews from next week's all-new ...

Listen :: The Uglysuit - "Chicago"

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phoebeplagens said...

expecting to hate this because sufjan's 'chicago' is timeless, but it wormed its way into my ipod after a few seconds. you are more than right about Gossip Girl going down faster than Brianna. can i even make RW references here? two blogs collide.