Sound Of Arrows :: "Danger"

Sound Of Arrows possess an esoteric metaphor for a name and a sound that's a little bit like fighting in the shade. Recently signed to Sweden's heaviest-hitter Labrador Records, Sound Of Arrows is already running shit all over town. You've got catchy sampled loops, urgent synths, and percolating electronics - all carrying "Danger" from verse to chorus and back again. The band's name forecasts the split second before death and the song is an even bigger warning. Danger.

For me, this song made it's mercurial debut this March while bombing across the south of Spain in a rental car. As the final chorus builds it's way into your ears ("tonight is danger baby, I feel so dangerous") think of orange trees, Valencia, and sun that doesn't set as long as you drive west fast enough. As we pulled into Seville and battled maps and traffic and not-knowing-any-Spanish, "Danger" came back on. It was even better the second-time around. And not just anyone can say that. Danger.

Listen :: Sound of Arrows - Danger

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