Magistrates :: "The Inbetweens" and "Colour Coordination"

First things first: these recordings are rough as hell. To the point where you can't be sure if they were trying to make them sound bad or if we're dealing with a Black Kids 2007 thing where the songs are good but the record sounds like shit. But, inside of that debate is undeniable promise. Magistrates, with an awfully colonial name, play sort-of a coked-out, spastic brand of indie-rock. It's keyboard driven and it runs until it's out of breath. It's a little bit of a freak-out. There are choruses inside the verses and hooks in the hooks. Now imagine a big-name producer and a (relatively) blank check recording budget. Imagine what happened from the MGMT demo stage to what the Columbia Records-funded MGMT final cut ended up sounding like. So for Magistrates: It's new, rough and it might end up being really big.


Magistrates - The Inbetweens
Magistrates - Colour Coordination

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