The Winter Sounds :: "Windy City Nights"

The pop-punk impulse of the 1990s and the post-punk and synth-pop movements of the 1980s have always shared more than they were willing to admit: an aggressive and yet morose sense of male sexuality, a flair for the dramatic and metaphors heavy enough to crush a truck. Despite these similarities, modern punk bands have struggled to acknowledge just how close they might have been to being a New Order cover band. But then Blink 182 made their final studio album which was rich with post-punk and synth influences. And then the dude from Alkaline Trio goes and becomes Heavens for a minute and We Are Scientists release Brain Thrust Mastery which is as confusing a blend of punk, post-punk, and synth-rock as has ever existed. Could Duran Duran, The Smiths, and The Ramones co-exist on the same record? Essentially, why not? The lines between these genres got real blurry real fast.

With that, I leave you The Winter Sounds "Windy City Nights" which is a confused little song with an infected chorus and a desperate need of a recording budget. Sure, it sounds a little rough but they're recording their next record almost as we speak. Couldn't you see this going somewhere? It's not "Mr. Brightside" but you should hear some of those Killers' demos from way back. They sound like shit. Let's give The Winter Sounds a look.

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