Sam Sparro :: "Black and Gold"

Math problem: Sebastian Tellier leaves Paris on a 10am TGV traveling 250km/h east. At the same time, Hercules and Love Affair board a high-speed train in Berlin traveling west at 275km/h. Where do they meet and when? More importantly, what the fuck happens? Because the second after impact, this isn't about them anymore.

Solution: Somewhere in the contested Alsace-Lorraine region, the two trains collide in an explosion of keyboards, multi-colored aesthetics, and absurd sunglasses. As accident investigators examine the wreckage, pulsing, seething synths begin to emerge from the flames. The horrified on-lookers slowly engage an emerging figure in a hoodie and sunglasses - the product of destruction. If you smash together two great 80s-leaning synth acts and sex up the vocals until you want to hook up with yourself, you have Sam Sparro. Tellier plus Love Affair equals Sparro. And from that original rainbow of cross-dressing and synths comes something else and everything looks "Black and Gold." It's sexed-out dance music with lyrics about evolution. And you can't fuck with that.

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