Could this be the start of something?

The Lodger is a pop band out of Leeds in the UK who share their name with a 1927 Hitchcock movie about a serial killer. The Lodger is less concerned with systematic homicide and more concerned with building a solid catalogue of records. Their debut LP Grown-Ups was good, if unmemorable, but they've raised their level on their most recent record, Life Is Sweet. The album came out in May and lead single, "The Good Old Days" is both nostalgic and propulsive. So you can forgive them for awkwardly paraphrasing Voxtrot with "could this be the start of something?" It seems to hope for something larger. It's the anticipation of a turn-around. And with tight, sunny guitar chords and a strum-pattern that makes you want to kick out your windows, it just might be. This won't be the song of your summer but it could easily be one of them. Check it up or check it down.

Listen ::
The Lodger - "The Good Old Days"
The Lodger - "The Conversation"

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