New Franz Ferdinand :: "Katherine Kiss Me"

A number of things happened at this year's Glastonbury and most of them were complete garbage. The tickets didn't sell. No shit. And then Jay-Z opened his headlining set with a completely tone deaf cover of Oasis. The kids went crazy. I imagine, Liam had a drink.

Most importantly, Franz Ferdinand gave us a little window into their new record and football video games. Ripping through a live version of "Katherine Kiss Me," the lead single off their coming album, Franz also showed us the song that will be dominating the Madden 2009 soundtrack. I remember back in Madden 2005, thinking that Mooney Suzuki was a good band (whoops) because their song was stuffed down my throat a million separate times. Imagine what a big, tight rock outfit like Franz Ferdinand can do with the same platform. The chorus has a huge hook and if you're not singing, "oh no, you don't ever go" by this Fall, you'll have missed the best dance-rock song of the year.

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