Action Painters :: "Supermarket"

Action Painters have a name that references an explosively creative style of painting and a website that calls them "Brooklyn's Newest Hitmakers." You can reconcile those two things on your own. Until then, we're proud to bring you, "Supermarket," the first single off their yet-to-be-named second album.

"Supermarket" bounces off the ground like a 25-cent grocery store superball. Running exactly three-minutes, it opens with the kind of synth-blips that made Maritime's "Tearing Up The Oxygen" one of the best songs of 2006. But, Action Painters aren't looking for the sterile perfection of Maritime. They're looking to lift not level. And that's exactly what happens. The track builds to a chorus that has all the soaring synths of a great new-wave track. The difference being: the aesthetic here is more cheeky than the over-the-top seriousness of new-new-wave. This song isn't living on the same block as Mr. Brightside but Action Painters just might be jumping in his bushes on the weekends for fun. Mr. Brightside is not amused.

The same blips from the beginning revisit us in the chorus and lyrics, synths, and tight garage-y guitars collide into a cocktail that tastes like whiskey, coke, and your head hitting the ceiling as you try to jump out of the room. Take this with you and spin it until your inner ear is begging for mercy - "Supermarket" is one of the best songs of 2008.

Listen :: Action Painters - "Supermarket"

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