Sunny Day Sets Fire :: "Brainless"

Last spring, a friend of mine sent me Sunny Day Sets Fire with an email that said basically, "what do you think?" It was fresh, sunny, and completely effervescent. But, it was just a quick little song off a quick little EP. Now, the band has ready a full-length and frankly, it sounds a lot like George Harrison. It's shimmering, jangly, and as light as a zero-gravity eating disorder.

"Brainless" could be exactly what the title indicates. It demands little but offers a guilt-free, thoughtless ride. Horns move up and down like an inspired bit from Oompa Loompas and the chorus is always in the process of taking-off. All this from a band with a name that seems to evoke a fatal flaw in our greatest strength. If a sunny day can set itself on fire, a rainy day can surely drown itself and the winter will probably freeze to death. It's self-reflexive and maybe more complex than you'll give it credit for. Or maybe, like the chorus says, we just "don't want to be brainless." It doesn't mean we want to be brilliant. Just not fantastically empty.

Listen :: Sunny Day Sets Fire - "Brainless"


deadbands said...

Are you sure that this isn't a mashup of Sunny Day Real Estate and Boy Sets Fire? It would be a whole lot cooler if it was.

phoebeplagens said...

put up the crack!

32feet said...

the crack may or may not being coming. until then, deal with the little indie-rock songs that i've been rolling up here.