Moonbabies :: "Sun AM" and "Take Me To The Ballroom"

It seems like Sweden has cornered the pop-market going all the way back to ABBA. More recently they gave us The Shout Out Louds (best record of last year), Lykke Li (this year's Fiest), and literally countless others. Like those fucks who wrote "Young Folks" and ruined indie music forever. Don't hold that against the Swedish. Other than the expensive currency and overwhelming height, their track record is pretty good.

So here's another. They call themselves Moonbabies and sound like Ivy playing Mates of States songs. How's that for a comparison? That shit will blow your mind when you hear it. "Sun AM" finds itself with a modulated chorus that slides under the radar and into your brain. "Take Me To The Ballroom" is their latest single and the better song. When the drums start double-tapping your heart at the 1.25 mark, you know you're totally and completely in love with this track. When the same piano chord crashes over the top of the mix and a male voice appears out of nowhere like an uninvited, yet extremely attractive wedding guest, you know you'll be spinning this for hours. Looking for something to soundtrack your triumph? Looking for a song that sounds like personal elevation? This. is. it.

Rhetoric: out of hand.
Music: still quite good.

Moonbabies - Sun AM
Moonbabies - Take Me To The Ballroom

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phoebeplagens said...

para mi, 'take me to the ballroom' has eclipsed the stills 'being here' for 32ft/second song of the summer. i know, i know, it's only june, but it kept me euphoric and entranced when people were body checking me like i was a rangers player coming out of the W this morning. can anything else top it is the question? while i wait, its going rolling on repeat.